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Thank you for your using our services. Here we provide you with a complete guide to remove the judgment listing(s) from your credit records.

A judgement on your credit record is not something to be taken lightly as by law it is supposed to stay on your records for 5years and no major financial institution will even glance at your application for credit if you have a judgment listing on your credit record. The good news is that it can be rescinded and removed before the 5 years retention period.

To do this you need to do the following:

  • ?First you need to obtain both your Transunion & Experian Credit Bureau Reports
  • ?Contact the attorney or creditors who obtained the judgment against you and request the outstanding balance (OBS) on the account (the name of the attorney or creditor will be on the credit reports.)
  • ?Once you receive the OBS, if any, you can negotiate a settlement amount or payment arrangements in order to get Consent for Rescission of Judgment.
  • ?If the account is paid up, you should request Paid Up confirmation plus Consent for Rescission of Judgment.
  • ?The Consent for the Rescission of Judgment is required by the magistrate. Without it, you cannot approach the court.
  • ?If by any chance you do not agree with the OBS presented by the plaintiff, you can lodge an opposed rescission application to the court. This is rather a complex process and you should seek a professional to do it.
  • ?Once you are in possession of the consent letter, you visit the clerk of the court to apply for a court hearing date. Note that this must be the court where the judgment was obtained. Eg, If it is Kempton Park magistrate, you should go to Kempton Park Magistrate Court.
  • ?On the set court date you just present the Consent for Rescission to the magistrate and you will be issued with a Rescission Court Order.
  • ?Now this court order will have to be submitted to the credit bureau that shows the listing on your record.
  • ?The credit bureau agent will verify the rescission court order with the clerk of the court and will delete the judgment listing from your records accordingly.

The application of the steps on the above subject are practical and can be applied by every person. However, in a real world, where human beings are in control and at work, a lot of things do not always go according to plan and schedule. We therefore advise that you must at all times practice patience when you challenge any of the issues above since there are different parties involved. You must make sure that you take responsibility to follow up on the dates and time frames. You also need to make sure that your information and/or evidence is precise and meets the requirements of the controlling bodies and authorities who handle these issues, especially court related matters. To avoid frustration, If by any chance you are uncertain of or intimidated by any aspect of the matter at hand, we recommend that you seek professional assistance.

CCPA is the Official Credit Bureau Clearance Agency and we are experts in Consumer Law. You can call upon us for advice at anytime. If you need a quote of our service, email us on . Remember to attach both your Transunion and Experian Credit Reports when you ask for a quote.

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