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Blacklisted - Clear Your Name from ITC


Am I Blacklisted?


What is being Blacklisted?

The term blacklisted is  used to describe people who have a bad credit profile, otherwise known as a credit record.  While everyone understands the term `blacklisted` there is actually no `blacklist`. The term blacklist is randomly used to declare that one is unable to qualify for credit due to negative 'listings' on your Credit Record. These listings are placed on your record by creditors whose accounts you have not paid or by attorneys who have obtained judgments against you.

Blacklisted Need a Car?

Can I get car finance when I'm blacklisted? No.

Blacklisted Need a Loan?

Can I get a loan when I'm blacklisted? Yes and No..

Depending on the type of loan you are applying for and/or the amount and or the institution your are applying with, you might get a loan even if you are blacklisted. An example of such a loan will be from companies that help you pay off your debts or outstanding balances on judgments. But if you are applying for a substantial loan for a bigger personal project like housing or vehicle, you are not going to be approved when you are blacklisted by any major financial institutions.

Blacklisted Need a House?

Can I obtain a housing loan when I'm blacklisted? No.

Find out if you are blacklisted or not.

It’s easy to find out if you are blacklisted or not, all you need do is get your credit record from South Africa’s two largest consumer credit bureaus, TransUnion Credit Bureau (Pty) Ltd and Experian Ltd. You need to check your credit record from both these credit bureaus as they have different business subscribers and usually have different, but overlapping, credit data for every user of credit.

Getting the full picture

To illustrate, you may find that an adverse listing such as a “Bad payer” default by e.g. Appliance City only appears on your Experian credit record and a magistrates court judgement by e.g. Standard Bank only appears on your TransUnion credit record. So, to be on the safe side, get your credit record from both credit bureaus, either by applying directly to Experian Credit Bureau and Transunion Credit Bureau in turn, or click this button for Instant Online ITC (both Experian & Transunion) Reports.


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Fax & Email
086 588 1182
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Gwaza B
2012-12-20, 00:13
Good Day

This is to say thank you for the Standard Bank default having been removed.

Regards <...
S.T. Molopa
2012-09-18, 13:50
The service rendered by CCPA is unbelievable. It's online really simple like ordering a pizza, you can just order your clearance on the credit bureau...
2013-02-18, 07:39
Unbeknown to me I had a default against my name for a small medical bill. Credit Records assisted me and after completing all necessary docuemntation ...
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