As a fellow Citizen of Namibia, it is in your make up to help others; 

It is within you to enlighten and share knowledge with others

It is within all of us, to assist the unfortunate majority who do not have access or are not privy to the internet credit bureau clearance services to restore their creditworthiness

We at SACPA/CCPA are proud to see you taking the initiative for the benefit of your fellow citizens

Thank You.  

Who is a Third Party?

If you are assisting other consumers or colleagues or friends or relatives to resolve their credit record issues, you are the third party and you can use the service options on this page. 

The system here ensures that you agree to the fact that the person you are assisting or querying on behalf has given you the authority to do so. 

You as well as the party you are assisting will receive any information, reports and progress update relating to the requested query or service.

As a third party you can assist other consumers with the following services: 

Obtain Credit Reports

Clearance of Paid Up Judgment

Clearance of Default

Clearance of Trace Alert



In this presentation, the use of the word 'client' will mean any person you are assisting regardless whether they pay for your service or not. These could be your friends, colleagues; relatives, clients etc. Subsequently it will also mean that the person you are assisting, whose fees  for a particular service package are received by CCPA, becomes CCPA's client. 

Please note that in your effort to assist others, it is solely up to you how you go about it. We are not offering referral commission or remuneration of any kind, but you are at liberty to ask your 'clients' to contribute as you see fit for your efforts and time. You are assisting your 'clients' independently and CCPA/SACPA will undertake the execution of the service/mandate on the basis of receiving the stipulated fees as per service package. 

We believe that it is essential to advise that you will not purport to be working for or with CCPA or advertise your service using the CCPA/SACPAbrand; however, it is important to mention to your 'clients' from the onset that you will be referring their matters/cases to CCPA. You and your 'clients' are free to communicate with SACPA strictly regarding the progress of the matters/cases handled by SACPA/CCPA. SACPA/CCPA shall not intervene in any issues arising and/or concerning yours and your 'clients' arrangements. 

Select the service you wish to assist your 'clients' with below: 


Please note that Clearance of Administration & Cancellation of Debt Review will be handled by our associate attorneys as in most of the cases an application to court to resolve the matter is inevitable. Once you submit your service query, you will receive a questionnaire to determine whether a court appearance is necessary or not, and the attorneys will advise accordingly.